Please and Thank You Naturals: Your Body will Thank You.

Please and Thank You!

Who is PATY Naturals you ask? Well, we are a little family owned business, with big hearts, and big dreams!  PATY stands for: Please and Thank You, and that is what we live by. I remember when I was little going to my grandmother's house, who encouraged we always use our manner and to say "Please and Thank you".  Her lessons resonate through to our company's ethics still today. Your body is begging for you to treat it kind, it demands nurturing care, free from harmful chemicals and damaging toxins. We have put lots of love and consideration into selecting every ingredient that goes into our products. We list all of our ingredients so that you know what is going on your body, why it is an ingredient, and what sets us apart from everyone else.  Give your body nature's best, with PATY Naturals products! Your body will thank you!

I have always wanted to leave a positive impact on humanity, be it large or small. I began making natural products for my family in 2011 and eventually gave them to friends and co-workers to try. I became so passionate in my crafting, that I realized I had found ONE of my purposes in life! Not only did I love creating quality products, but I was also proud of creating a product that wasn't harmful to one's body! Six years later I took a leap and chose the name PATY Naturals to represent my idea and core values.

We believe in the power of Nature! The world has so much to offer, and while we humans are pretty amazing, nature is pretty phenomenal too! Much of the products we use today are made of some pretty harmful things that can do damage to our body. Synthetic scents, chemical additives, and preservatives just to name a few. You won't find any of those in our products though! We believe you can heal and protect yourself naturally with things that occur in Nature itself.

For all you fellas out there, PATY Naturals also produces Brazen Bothers Beard Company products. The Brazen Brotherhood is all about the beard. Bold and Unapologetic. As a beard should be. That's our motto. A beard isn't just facial hair or some manly fashion statement, a beard is hard work and dedication to the core. Get back to the roots, where it all began. A beard is the same way. You want a buff beard? Give love to your roots. Begin at the skin. Join us brother. Be Brazen.

Our products are hand crafted in small batches for quality control. Our products are compromised of a unique blend of the following:
-Natural and Organic Compounds
-Gluten-Free Components
-Plant Derived Healing Power
-Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils
-Plant-Based Fragrance Oils-Plant Derived Absolutes
-Unrefined or Naturally Refined Oils and Butters
-Naturally occurring Earth Elements and Minerals
-Vegetarian and Vegan Items-We love our Furry Friends =)
-We strive to find Fair Trade Sourced Ingredients
-No Toxins
-No Parabens
-No Harsh Chemicals
-No Chemical Preservatives
-No Artificial Dyes/Colors*
-No Synthetic Compounds*
*A NOTE ABOUT SOME OF OUR COLORS. While we strive to use only natural and earth derived ingredients, we make one exception for some of our more colorful products. We use mineral based Mica and/or Nature Identical synthetic Mica, which means it has the same chemical structure that is found in nature and can be more pure than some readily available natural mica. Some of these Mica, but not all, have been tinted with lab produced dye. Here's why we make an exception when it comes to this one ingredient: While we like to use botanical colorants, and we do when we can, some natural colorant do not react well, or lose their color once a product is made. For this reason we substitute certain colors to achieve a desired effect. Some colors readily found in nature in certain pigments and oxides contain heavy metals such as lead and cadmium, which can cause negative health effects. To go further, some naturally mined micas have been linked to child labor, which cannot always be verified easily through some suppliers. For all of these reasons we think that this exception is a better alterative in some of our products! 

Because natural products do not contain chemical or synthetic preservatives, their shelf life may be shorter than other conventionally produced care products. However, many of the ingredients that we use have anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and germicidal properties, which naturally can assist in prolonging shelf life. Unless otherwise noted, most of our product's are good for 1 year from the production date and will be indicated on each individual product.

If for any reason you are unsatisfied with any of our products,  please contact us so that we may resolve the issue.

Always make sure to say Please! And from our Family to yours, we say "Thank You!!!"

And Brothers, Be Brazen!

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