Stress and Anxiety Relief Salve- Handcrafted, All Natural, Vegan, Stress and Anxiety Relief Salve with Natural Polished Worry Stone

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Stress and Anxiety can feel overwhelming. Aromatherapy is a great natural alternative to experience relief from occasional stress and anxiety symptoms. Natural herbs and essential oils work to relieve the senses and relax the mind.

*In the 2 oz. Size A surprise awaits at the bottom of this tin, a mystery natural polished "Worry" stone, or known as a "Palm" stone!!! (Not included in 1 oz travel tin)

Crystals are also believed to give off energy that help to heal and balance the body!!!

Psychologists recognize the use of worry stones as a natural form of relief. As a form of cognitive behavior therapy, using a worry stone can be a healthy, descreet, self-soothing exercise that can reduce negative habits like nail or lip biting. Simply holding the stone between the index fingervand thumb while gently rubbing the stone, or just playing with the stone has brought relief to many sufferers of anxiety and stress.

May also be useful for ADHD symptoms, to calm and focus the mind.

***Note for serious cases or depression please seek medical attention. Not for use by pregnant women. Safe for adults and children 10+ Years***

Directions: At the first onset of symptoms rub salve on back of neck, temples, and wrists. Repeat as necessary.


Carrier Oil Base: Olive Oil, Argan Oil, Jojoba Oil, Carnauba Wax- This blend provides the the perfect balance of penetrating absorbtion and extended absorbtion, without a sticky feel

Vitamin E- Works as a natural preservative to extend shelf life

St. John's Wort Botanical Extract- Known for its natural anxiety and depression relieving properties

Essential Oil Blend:

Peppermint- Uplifting and soothing

Bergamot- Uplifting and brightening

Lavender- Soothing and relaxing

Eucalyptus- Boosts energy and relieves fatigue

Vetiver- Calming and stabilzing

Geranium- Promotes feelings of well-being

Ylang Ylang- Known for its ability to induce feelings of joy and hope

Lemongrass- Known to relieve anxiety and irritability

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